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What is Trademark Renewal?

A trademark is a symbol, word, or phrase that identifies and distinguishes your source of goods or services from others. Trademark registration grants you exclusive rights to use that trademark for ten years . Trademark renewal allows you to extend this protection for another ten years, ensuring your brand identity remains secure.

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  • Benefits of Trademark Renewal :

    • Continued Brand Protection:

      A renewed trademark safeguards your brand from infringement and imitation for another decade.

    • Market Exclusivity:

      Renewal maintains your sole right to use the trademark within your designated class of goods or services.

    • Legal Standing:

      A renewed trademark strengthens your legal position in case of infringement disputes.

    • Brand Value Enhancement:

      Continuous trademark protection fosters trust and builds brand value in the marketplace.

  • Trademark Renewal Process with 24efiling :

    24efiling streamlines your trademark renewal process with an expert advice approach:

    1. Free Consultation:

      Discuss your renewal requirements with our trademark specialists.

    2. Document Collection:

      We assist in gathering the necessary documents for your application.

    3. Application Filing:

      Our team expertly files your renewal application with the trademark office.

    4. Status Tracking:

      We keep you informed of the application's progress throughout the process.

    5. Renewal Confirmation:

      Upon successful renewal, you'll receive your renewed trademark certificate.

  • Drawbacks of Not Renewing Your Trademark :

    Failure to renew your trademark can lead to:

    • Loss of Trademark Protection:

      Your trademark becomes vulnerable to registration by others, potentially damaging your brand reputation.

    • Increased Risk of Infringement:

      Competitors can exploit your unprotected trademark, impacting your market share.

    • Costly Recovery Process:

      Regaining trademark rights after expiration involves a lengthier and more expensive procedure.

  • Documents Required for Trademark Renewal :

    • Trademark Registration Certificate copy.
    • Application form (Form TM-R)
    • Renewal fees
    • Applicant's ID and address proof
    • Eligibility for Trademark Renewal
    • Any trademark owner with a registered trademark nearing its expiry date is eligible for renewal.
  • Trademark Renewal Checklist :

    • Verify your trademark registration expiry date.
    • Gather the required documents.
    • File the renewal application well before the expiration date (ideally 6 months prior).
    • Pay the prescribed renewal fees.
  • Why Choose 24efiling for Trademark Renewal ?

    • Expert Guidance:

      Our trademark specialists provide personalized assistance throughout the renewal process.

    • Simplified Procedures:

      We handle the complexities, ensuring a smooth and efficient renewal.

    • Time-Saving Efficiency:

      Our streamlined process saves you valuable time and allows you to focus on your business.

    • Affordable Fees:

      We offer competitive fees for our trademark renewal services.

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You can renew your trademark anytime before its expiry date. It's recommended to initiate the process at least 6 months beforehand to avoid last-minute complications.
The Trademark Office allows a grace period of six months after expiry for late renewals with an additional fee.
You can; however, navigating the legalities and ensuring a smooth process can be complex.'s expertise simplifies the renewal for you.

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