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Design Registration in India: Protect your designs with 24efiling. Enjoy the Power of Design. Secure it with Registration.

In today's competitive market, a unique and visually appealing design can be a game-changer for your product. But how do you ensure others don't copy your design and reap the benefits? Design registration is the answer.


Design registration grants you exclusive rights to the visual appearance of a two-dimensional or three-dimensional article. It protects the shape, configuration, pattern, ornamentation, or composition of a product ,not its functionality.

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  • Benefits of Design Registration :

    • Prevents Copying:

      A registered design deters competitors from replicating your design, giving you a competitive edge.

    • Grants Legal Protection:

      In case of infringement, you can take legal action to stop copying and claim damages.

    • Boosts Brand Value:

      Registered designs demonstrate your commitment to innovation and quality, enhancing brand reputation.

    • Encourages Investment:

      Design registration protects your investment in design and development, fostering further innovation.

  • Is Your Design Eligible for Registration ? :

    Your design must be:

    • New and Original:

      It should not be publicly known or disclosed before applying.

    • Non-Functional:

      The design should not solely determine the product's functionality.

    • Visually Distinctive:

      It should have a unique visual appeal that distinguishes it from existing designs.

  • Documents Required for Design Registration :

    • Application form with prescribed fees
    • Clear representations of the design (drawings, photographs)
    • Description of the design and the article to which it is applied.
  • Design Registration Process with 24efiling! :

    1. Free Design Assessment:

      Our experts assess your design's registrability and advise on the process.

    2. Application Preparation:

      We assist in drafting the application, gathering documents, and filing it with the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (CGPDTM).

    3. Prosecution and Communication:

      We handle all communication with the CGPDTM and address any objections raised.

    4. Registration Grant:

      Upon successful registration, you receive a design registration certificate.

  • Drawbacks of Not Registering Your Design :

    • Risk of Copying:

      Competitors can freely copy your design, diminishing its value and market potential.

    • Limited Legal recourse:

      Without registration, it's difficult to take legal action against infringement.

    • Loss of Competitive Advantage:

      Unprotected designs can be easily replicated, hindering your brand differentiation.

  • Design Registration Checklist :

    • Conduct a thorough design search to ensure novelty.
    • Understand design eligibility criteria.
    • Prepare high-quality representations of your design.
    • Apply with the CGPDTM.
    • Consider professional assistance for a smooth process.
  • Why Choose 24efiling for Design Registration ?

    24efiling is your one-stop solution for design registration in India. We offer:

    • Expert Guidance:

      Our experienced professionals ensure a smooth and efficient registration process.

    • Hassle-Free Management:

      We handle all paperwork, communication, and formalities.

    • Competitive Fees:

      We provide transparent and cost-effective services.

    • Timely Updates:

      You receive regular updates on the progress of your application.

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A design registration is valid for 10 years, extendable for a further 5 years.
You can initiate legal proceedings to stop infringement and claim compensation.
Yes, but you need to file separate applications in each country.

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