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Professional TAX Registration

Professional TAX Registration

Professional Tax is a source of revenue to the governments and the tax is collected by the respective state governments from the professionals. The tax is deducted from the salary of the employee which is termed as the taxable income. Professional tax is not just confined tax deductions from professionals but it applies to all kinds of professions, trade and employment.

Mandatory prerequisite for professional tax registration for employers:
  • Professional Tax registration becomes mandatory for every person who undertakes any business and would be liable to pay professional tax. The person has to obtain a certificate of enrolment from the profession tax authority from the state government. The certificate makes the person liable to pay professional tax.
  • 24efiling helps the employers in the process of professional tax registrations and gets involved in the preparation of the application to seek the certificate of enrolment
Preparing for the Application

The tax experts on board would initially assess your business and hence get into the preparation of certain documents which make a way towards the tax registration application with the state government.

Application Filing

Once the tax registration application is filed by the employer, we submit the filled application to the professional tax registration department within 2 working days.

Professional Tax Registration Certificate

After successfully submitting the application for professional tax, the concerned government department reviews the application and finally provides the certificate. The certificate is sent by us to the employer through mail or by courier.

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