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Partnership Firm

Partnership firms are one of the easiest ways to start a business with two or more persons involved in the firm and are recommended for individuals who want to handle different functions in a business and each different function handled by different individual partners and hence the profit is equally shared.

Partnership registrations are governed by the Partnership Act of 1932; the Act defines partnership firms as an agreement that needs to be done between two or more persons who agree upon sharing the profits and loss in the business.

24 filling is a dynamic platform which undertakes partnership registrations with the registrar companies who are desirous to register their company with us. The processes that we initially require to register the registration are as follows:

  • ●Name and address proof of your firm
  • ●Nature of business that needs to be carried on
  • ●Identity proof of partners-PAN card, voters ID
  • ●Address proof of partners: electricity bills, ration cards, Aaadhar card, passport etc
  • ●Attested partnership deed
  • ●Partnership deed through stamp papers
  • ●Photographs of all partners
  • ●Completely filled application form

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