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One Person Company

The One Person Company (OPC) is an entity which is formed with just 1 owner, who assumes the position of both the director and the shareholder of the company. Technically, there can be more than 1 director for the entity but with a restriction of not more than 1 shareholder. The One Person Company (OPC) is registered with all the required compliances and regulatory guidelines as set forth by The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)

"It is noteworthy to understand and then comprehend is that, the One Person Company (OPC) has been a recent edition in the company registration formalities as it becomes the most refined registration process with the yesteryears sole proprietorship which has limited powers to execute."
In the OPC, the owner gains complete authority and can have the restricted liability towards the contributions to the enterprise organization. The OPC entity needs to be converted into Private Limited Company if the turnover crosses Rs 2 crores within the next six months.

How 24efilling can help in registering members for One Person Company (OPC)

●We begin the company registration by taking all the necessary information and necessary documents required for the successful registration.
●The Certificate of Incorporation can be made ready within 15 business days. The OPC is generally considered to be seamlessly fast and quite simple in its approach.
●24efilling is always ready with its proactive team who gets onto do the entire legal paperwork in order to register the company and enable the members to set forth the expected goals.

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