Section 8 Company


A section 8 company is a legal entity established under companies Act, 2013 (India) specifically for promoting social good. Unlike traditional companies focused on profit, Section 8 companies reinvest any income generated back into their mission-driven activities. This structure fosters public trust and facilitates the pursuit of noble goals in areas like: 

  • Education 
  • Social Welfare 
  • Environmental Protection 
  • Arts & Culture 
  • Sports 
  • Scientific Research 
  • Charity & Religious Causes 

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 Benefits of Registering a Section 8 Company 

  • Limited Liability: Members and directors enjoy protection from personal liability, safeguarding their assets if the company faces financial challenges. 
  • Tax Exemptions: Section 8 companies qualify for tax benefits, allowing them to retain more resources for their social initiatives. 
  • Enhanced Credibility: The formal structure fosters trust among donors, volunteers, and stakeholders, strengthening your organization's image. 
  • Focus on Impact: The legal framework ensures your resources are directed towards your social objectives, maximizing your positive influence.

The Section 8 Company Registration Process with 24efiling

24efiling simplifies the registration process, allowing you to focus on your mission. Here's a step-by-step breakdown:   

  1. Eligibility Check: Our team will assess your organization's goals to ensure they align with Section 8 company requirements. 
  2. Digital Document Collection: We'll guide you through gathering the necessary documents electronically, minimizing hassle. 
  3. Application Preparation: Our experts will prepare the application with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. 
  4. Government Liaison: We'll handle all government communication, streamlining the approval process. 
  5. Registration Confirmation: Once approved, you'll receive your official Certificate of Incorporation, marking the official launch of your Section 8 company. 

Documents Required for Section 8 Company Registration 

  • Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) for Directors 
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) outlining the company's objectives and social mission. 
  • Articles of Association (AOA) defining the internal governance structure. 
  • Identity and Address Proof of Directors and Members 

Checklist for Successful Section 8 Company Registration 

  • Clearly Defined Social Objectives: Ensure your goals align with Section 8 company purposes. 
  • Minimum Two Directors: Appoint at least two directors to manage the company. 
  • Compliant MOA & AOA: Draft clear and legally sound governing documents. 
  • Complete Document Collection: Gather all required documents electronically. 
  • Expert Guidance: Partner with a reliable service provider like 24efiling for a smooth process. 

Eligibility for Section 8 Company Registration 

  • Any individual or association of individuals can apply. 
  • The organization's primary objective must be promoting social good in the specified areas. 
  • All profits or income generated must be reinvested in achieving the social objectives. 

Drawbacks of a Section 8 Company 

  • Compliance Requirements: Section 8 companies are subject to regulations and filing obligations. 
  • Limited Profit-Sharing: Profits cannot be distributed as dividends to members. 
  • Operational Restrictions: Certain activities might be restricted to ensure adherence to social objectives. 

 Why Choose 24efiling for Your Section 8 Company Registration? 

24efiling is your one-stop solution for a streamlined and stress-free Section 8 company registration experience. We offer: 

  • Unmatched Expertise: Our team comprises experienced professionals well-versed in Section 8 company regulations. 
  • Effortless Online Process: Manage the entire registration process conveniently from the comfort of your home. 


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Section 8 companies must file annual reports and financial statements with the Registrar of Companies 

Yes, but it requires a special tribunal approval and adherence to specific procedures. 

24efiling offers post-registration support packages to ensure you meet all compliance requirements effortlessly

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