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A brilliant idea deserves protection. Patents safeguard your inventions – products, processes, or designs – granting you exclusive rights for a set period.24efiling empowers you to navigate the patent registration process seamlessly, ensuring your innovation receives the recognition it merits .

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  • Benefits of Patent Registration :

    • Exclusivity:

      For 20 years, you control how your invention is made, used, sold, or imported in India.

    • Competitive Edge:

      A patent bolsters your market position, deterring competition and attracting investors.

    • Revenue Generation:

      License your invention for royalties or sell patent rights for a lump sum.

    • Credibility:

      A patent signifies the ingenuity and value of your invention.

  • Patent Registration Process :

    1. Eligibility Check:

      Ensure your invention meets the criteria of novelty, inventive step, and industrial applicability.

    2. Application Filing:

      Draft and submit a comprehensive patent application with the Indian Patent Office (IPO). 24efiling guides you through the paperwork.

    3. Publication:

      After 18 months (or earlier upon request), your application gets published in the official patent journal.

    4. Examination:

      The IPO assesses your application for compliance. 24efiling connects you with patent professionals for a smooth examination phase.

    5. Grant:

      If approved, the IPO grants you a patent, giving you exclusive rights.

  • Drawbacks to Consider :

    • Cost:

      Patent registration involves fees and may require professional assistance.

    • Time:

      The process can take 18 months to several years depending on complexities.

    • Maintenance:

      Renewal fees are necessary to maintain patent validity.

  • Documents required for Patent Registration :

    • Patent application form (Form 1)
    • Complete or provisional specification (Form 2)
    • Statement and undertaking (Form 3)
    • Inventor's declaration
    • Proof of right (if applicable)
    • Power of attorney (for foreign applicants)
    • Priority documents (if claiming priority from another country)
    • Permission from the National Biodiversity Authority (if applicable)
  • Eligibility for Patent Registration :

    Inventions that are:

    • Novel:

      New and not public knowledge before filing.

    • Inventive Step:

      Not obvious to a person skilled in the art.

    • Industrially Applicable:

      Capable of being produced or used in an industry.

  • Patent Registration Checklist :

    • Clearly define your invention.
    • Conduct a patentability search.
    • Prepare a comprehensive patent application.
    • Apply with the IPO.
    • Respond to any IPO inquiries during the examination.
    • Pay requisite fees.
    • Maintain your patent after the grant (renewal fees).
  • Why choose 24efiling for Patent Registration ?

    • Streamlined Process:

      Our user-friendly platform simplifies application filing.

    • Expert Support:

      Our team provides guidance and addresses your queries throughout the process.

    • Cost-Effective Solutions:

      We offer competitive pricing for our patent registration services.

    • Focus on Innovation:

      Let us handle the legalities, so you can focus on bringing your invention to life.

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