Director KYC


Director KYC (Know Your Customer) is a mandatory annual process in India for all directors holding a Director Identification Number (DIN). It ensures the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) maintains an accurate and updated database of company directors. 

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Benefits of Director KYC

  1. Improved Corporate Governance: Ensures transparency and accountability by maintaining accurate director information. 
  2. Reduced Risk of Fraud: Helps deter unauthorized activities by verifying director identities. 
  3. Faster Regulatory Approvals: Streamlines government approvals with updated director details. 

Process of Filing Director KYC (DIR-3 KYC)

  1. Gather Documents: 
    • DIN of the director 
    • PAN Card copy 
    • Passport (if applicable) 
    • Aadhaar Card (optional) 
    • Address proof (utility bills, bank statements etc.) 
  2. Access MCA Portal: Visit the MCA portal and choose the DIR-3 KYC option.
  3. Fill & Submit Form: Enter DIN details and update contact information (mobile number, email address). 
  4. Verification: Verify PAN details and OTP received on the registered mobile number. 
  5. Sign & Submit:  Digitally sign the form using a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).

Drawbacks of Non-Compliance

  1. Deactivated DIN: Failure to file DIR-KYC leads to DIN deactivation, hindering directors from holding board positions. 
  2. Penalty Fees: A penalty of ₹5000 is levied for reactivating a deactivated DIN. 
  3. Delayed Approvals: Delays in company registrations and filings due to inactive DINs. 

Documents Required for Director KYC

  1. PAN Card (mandatory) 
  2. Aadhaar Card (optional, but recommended) 
  3. Passport (for foreign directors) 
  4. Proof of Address (utility bills, bank statements etc.) 

Eligibility for Director KYC

All directors with a valid DIN in India are required to file DIR-KYC annually. 

Director KYC Checklist

  1. Ensure your DIN is active and in "Approved" status. 
  2. Gather all necessary documents mentioned above. 
  3. Have a valid mobile number and email address linked to your DIN. 
  4. Obtain a DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) if you don't have one already.

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We Made Things Easy For You!

The due date for filing DIR-KYC is September 30th of every year for the previous financial year. 

A late fee of ₹5000 will be levied for reactivating a deactivated DIN due to non-filing of DIR-KYC. 

No, only the director themselves can file DIR-KYC using their DIN and digital signature. 

You can check your DIN status on the MCA portal using your DIN number. 

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