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Trademark Renewal

Trademark Renewal

Trademark renewal refers to the process of extending the protection and validity of a registered trademark. Trademarks are intellectual property assets that provide exclusive rights to the owner to use and protect their brand names, logos, or other distinctive signs in connection with their goods or services.

The duration of trademark protection varies depending on the country, but it typically lasts for a specific period, such as 10 years. To maintain the protection, trademark owners must renew their trademarks before they expire.

The specific requirements and procedures for trademark renewal vary from country to country. However, the general process usually involves the following steps:

  • Monitoring: Trademark owners should proactively monitor the expiration date of their trademark registration to ensure timely renewal
  • Filing for Renewal: Trademark renewal applications must be filed with the appropriate intellectual property office or agency. This is typically done by submitting a renewal application form along with the necessary fees. Some jurisdictions may require additional documentation or proof of continued use of the trademark.
  • Examination: The trademark office reviews the renewal application to ensure compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. They may examine the application for any potential conflicts with existing trademarks or other issues.
  • Renewal Confirmation: If the renewal application is accepted, the trademark office issues a renewal certificate or confirmation, indicating the extended validity period of the trademark.
  • Renewal Period: Once the trademark is renewed, it remains protected for the new validity period, typically another 10 years. The trademark owner should keep track of the next renewal deadline to ensure continued protection.



Documents Required for Trademark Registration Renewal

A duplicate of the registration document

Copy of TM-A form (form used for the original form for registering the trademark)

Proof of the applicant’s identity and address

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