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Goods and Service Tax (GST) is considered to be an indirect tax system that in fact has gradually replaced many indirect taxes in India (such as excise duty tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), and the service tax). The GST registration is governed by the Goods and Service Tax Act. GST is levied on the supply of goods and services, for every value addition, which is indeed a single domestic indirect tax law for the entire country.

GST Registration Status:
Multi-stage (In the multi-stage, an item goes through multiple changes of hands along its supply chain, which begins from the manufacturer to the final sale to the consumer)

Destination-based tax (Goods manufactured in one state and sold in another state and reaching the final consumer).

GST Registration Services in Hyderabad &  Bengaluru. Get GST Registration Certificate In a Few Easy Steps To Operate a Business In India.

GST Registration Documents
• PAN Card of the Business or Applicant
• Identity and Address Proof along with Photographs
• Business Registration Document
• Address Proof for Place of Business
• Bank Account Proof
• Digital Signature

Taxpayers should note that there are no GST Registration fees. Therefore, you need not pay anything for registration under GST. But, defaulting tax payments or making short payments will incur a GST penalty.

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GST Registration

The GST Registration is a mandatory process for companies who are involved in the buying and selling of goods and who have their business with an annual turnover of 40 lakhs or service that brings a turnover of 20 lakhs and above.

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GST Returns

A GST Returns is a procedure which explains the details of income that is required to be filed with the tax authorities as per the law. As per the GST laws and regulations, a taxpayer is entitled to submit two GST returns viz and one to be filed on a monthly basis and the other one to be filed annually. The registered taxpayer under the governance of GST has to file the GST returns which includes the Purchases (GST paid on purchases), Sales, and GST and input tax credit.

Time Duration
GST Compliance

GST Compliance is a system which compels the entrepreneurs and companies to have their GST Returns filed on a regular basis and be compliant with time and uploading all the other necessary documents to the Department of Revenue (DOR).

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