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Design Registration

The designs pertaining to product designs and prototyping becomes an integral component for any organization and protecting them infringement is important. The design registration is an attempt to provide the exclusive right to its owner and the creator in order to protect the design and also the recognition for the creation of new and authentic designs for a minimum period of ten years.

Above all, "The design as a whole encompasses their configuration and surface pattern implemented by an architectural designer".

The Documentation required to initiate the design registration

Team Involve

The team gets involved to prepare the necessary documents required for the design registration such as:

➢Description of the work
➢Colour photographs of the design
➢The letter of confirmation from the client to work on behalf of the client (power of attorney)


Submission of the application to the department
Once the necessary documentation is prepared, the team checks the documents before it is being sent to the design department for the design registration formalities. Once the documents are satisfactorily scrutinised against any possible objections, the certificate of registration of the design is processed.


Dispatch of the certificate

Once the certificate of registration is ready, we ensure to send the soft copy through email and courier to the customer.

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