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Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration is important and aimed to protect and safeguard the intellectual property of an author or a creator for his original work. The copyright is governed by the Indian Copyright Act, 1957 and is generally given so that the duplication of work does not happen.

The copyright protection also bestows the owner with certain rights such as:

➢Rights for re-production
➢Rights for translation

The Process

The process of copyright registration starts with preparing a copyright application and filing it. The process begins with the allotment of a diary number once we submit the application online and would take approximately 30 days for potential discrepancies or objections. If found any, discrepancy notice will be issued and the same needs to be compiled within 30days from the date of issuance of the notice.

The authorized person reviews the application, if there is no objection to the application, and if there is no discrepancy the registration would be approved by the registrar. Once the approval is done, a quotation would be sent to the registrar to the applicant.

The procedure that we adopt for copyright registration includes the following:

Filing the application

The copyright registration begins with filling the application for the copyright. The author of the work or the claimant needs to enter the official website for the copyright registration process. The backend team at 24efilling would take the request of the claimant and guide the claimant and complete the formalities of filling the registration form.

The backend team analyses the requirement of the claimant with reference to the copyright registration. Once analyzed, the team waits for order confirmation.

Examining the Application

The examining team on-board reviews the filled application form and scrutinizes the application to find any sort of discrepancy. If there is no discrepancy in the application, the team gets into the next process of registration. If there is a discrepancy in the application, the registrar would call in for a hearing and the applicant is allowed to decide for the next step.

Registration and dispatch

Once the scrutinized application is submitted by us to the registrar of copyrights, the registrar might ask for more supporting documents for a review. Once the registrar is satisfied with the copyright claim of the applicant, he would finally enter the details of the copyright onto the register of copyrights and hence issue the copyright certificate

The copyright certificate is mailed and couriered to the applicant.

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