MSME or Udyam Registration

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MSME or Udyam Registration

MSME or Udyam Registration

MSME (Udyam) is abbreviated as micro, small and medium enterprises, and any enterprises that fall under these three categories are referred to as MSME enterprises.

MSME (Udyam) Registration in Hyderabad & Bengaluru is a process that becomes an integral component for the growth of an economy and remains to be a backbone for the betterment of a country. MSME is a government initiative and is governed through an MSME (Udyam) Act, “The Act is aimed to facilitate the promotion and development of MSME registered companies and to enhance them through various subsidies, schemes and incentive programs”.

To avail of the benefits under the MSME Act, the companies should register for the MSME (Udyam) Registration process. You can register for MSME registration through us as we help you in the process of Udyam Registration.


MSME (Udyam) Registration Fees

MSME Registration fees depend on the organization through which your registration process is done. No fee is charged for MSME registration when the process is done through the government website. But the process is tedious and very difficult through the government registration website. 24efiling our expert consultants to get your registration done, a very small fee for MSME Registration will be charged by us.



The process that we follow for MSME Registration

Professional Guidance

Filling up the Pre-Requisite Information

The customer who is desirous to get into MSME schemes through MSME Act should fill the requisite form in the 24efilling website. The backend team of 24efilling would, in turn, get in touch with you for further information and process your information as per the pre-defined norms of MSME.

Accomplished Support Wing

Document Preparation

The backend team gets involved in the preparation of documents and further drafts them according to the application and completes the pre-norms of MSME registration. Generally, this process takes 1-3 working days from the date of confirmation.

Time Duration

MSME Application Submission

Once the document is prepared for MSME registration, we have an expert team for MSME on-board would verify the documents and further submits the application to the MSME registrar and complete the formalities.

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