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Trade Mark Registration

Trademark registration is a unique distinction of doing business as it gives the business owner identity or brand in the consumer market. "Customers in large, always prefer to purchase a product or service when the brand is popular, as that indicates or symbolizes the quality and workmanship behind it".

One should understand that it becomes mandatory to protect your brand in the commercially cluttered market and to also establish yourself as a niche. Trademark Registration is one such activity which helps you in creating the niche and on top of it guarantees its protection from a legal standpoint in the long run.

So, in the event you own a business entity or in the plan to kick start a new business in the market, then the Trademark Registration adds the wings to the feather. "Trademarks are generally registered by the Controller General of Patents, Design and Trademarks under the Trademark Act, 1999, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India" The Trademark Act 1999 protects the business owner from any sort of infringements to the brand and its services.

How we help you in securing the Trademark Registration

We help you in securing the trademark registration and the process is dealt in the following ways:

Trademark Registration Check

The initial process of securing the Trademark Registration begins by searching for the companies who have registered in a similar name. If the trademark is already registered by someone, we suggest you for an alternate name and proceed further to ensure that the trademark registration does not get cancelled. In the event that the trademark is unique, we then proceed further to initiate the process.

Preparing the application for the registration:

Once the trademark is found to be unique, we proceed with the preparation of the application process. The team initiates by sending you an authorization letter first, as the authorization letter from your end makes us process the registration formalities on your behalf.

The backend team constantly updates you about the trademark registration proceedings from time to time until the registration process is complete

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