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Proprietorship Firm

It becomes a dream come true for most entrepreneurs to have their own business and to run them quite effectively. But on the flip side, one should also understand that running and effectively administering a business firm is a bit tedious and complicated. In this direction, "The proprietorship firm or the sole proprietorship firm comes as blessings in disguise for the young entrepreneurs to initiate the business through the proprietorship firm setup" as it involves less legality as compared to other forms of firm registration. The basic nature and structure of the sole proprietorship firm is that it does not have a separate identity under the law and the proprietorship firm allows the entrepreneur to have the firm on his or her name.

The process we follow at 24eFILING for proprietorship registration

24eFILING helps an individual to get into the sole proprietorship and guides you through the following process.

Professional Guidance

The expert team helps you in making you understand about the pros-and-cons of proprietorship firms and then registers the individual for the registration process. Apart from the proprietorship registration, we do take care of the statutory registrations such as sales, service and GST registrations.

Accomplished Support Wing

The entrepreneur gets an advantage and benefit of skilled workmanship with our expert team, who has the capability and experience in handling the native registrations.

Time Duration

It should be understood that a proprietorship firm registration process takes close to 15 days to complete the formalities and make a way towards having the incorporation.

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