Partnership to LLP

Conversion of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) company can prove to be much better than a General Partnership firm. In an LLP, each partner is exposed to unlimited liability for the partnership’s debt. So if the debts are not repaid, the partners need to sell their personal assets to do so. In an LLP, only the amount invested in the business would be lost and all the personal assets would be safe.

Easy Investment

Limited liability

Grow big

Expand Faster

Advantages of Private Limited Company

Limits Members’ Liability

Every business needs some form of investment to keep the business alive and most of the time they opt to take loans.


Investment in the LLP can be in the form of capital contribution or debt funding such as term loan and overdraft.

Reduced Compliance

An LLP needs to file annual returns if it has a turnover exceeding Rs.40 lakh or capital commitment of Rs.25 lakh.